Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scar Wars: A New Hope

Okay, so after minor pressure and much contemplation, I've jumped in on the idea of starting a blog about my life. I have a few blogs going already - one for film reviews, another of film trailers for movies you should see if you haven't already (among others) - but this is the one where I hope to loop together my life in general ... and my life as a writer in particular.

It's called "my life in a nutcase" because that's pretty much what my life's been for me,
especially the last several years; an adventure with (often times) more valleys than peaks, but I always try to stay afloat (that's the Scorpio in me, I guess; I'm on the Libra-Scorpio cusp, though supposedly more Libra - though I don't know for sure, as astrology AIN'T my thing).

So a little about me: as a writer, I was weaned on Agatha Christie (still my #1 favorite writer, to this day) and other mystery writers, who shap
ed my love for the genre. Soon Stephen King came along, however ('Salem's Lot scared the CRAP out of me!), and I soon expanded my reading to horror. To this day, I read and write fiction almost exclusively (outside of the reviews I do), but my authors list of favorites has expanded to everyone from Dickens and Conan Doyle to Robert B. Parker and J.K. Rowling and Lemony Snicket, to Jackie Collins and the late Sidney Sheldon and E. Lynn Harris (among many others - am always up for trying a new writer).

I also used to be an actor and even dabbled in stand-up comedy - so be warned, my humor leans decidedly toward the sarcastic. I'm much more a fan of vintage (i.e.
reruns) TV than I am current TV; though I do have some favorites today, to me many of the sitcoms in particular just don't compare to what I grew up with as a kid (but isn't that ALWAYS the way?). Shows like "I Love Lucy" - "The Andy Griffith Show" - "Bewitched" - "The Golden Girls" - "The Avengers" - "Batman" - "Roseanne" - "Are You Being Served?" - "Fawlty Towers" - "Gilligan's Island" - "All in the Family" - "The Carol Burnett Show" - "Mama's Family" - "Good Times" - and so many more hold many great memories for me.

Same with film - from current to classic, foreign to domestic, anime to indie, I love film
with all my heart, and could never in my lifetime make enough time to see all the films I'd love to see. Favorite actors range from Bogart to Bette Davis, Meryl Streep to Tom Cruise (yeah, he's a nut, but I still think he has major talent), and actors you've probably never heard of, like Tatsuya Fujiwara and Ken'ichi Matsuyama from the film Death Note (one of my favorites of ALL time) and its sequels. But check out my film review blog mentioned above; that will give you a real idea of how varied my tastes in film are.

Here you'll find news on what's going on with me in my life and work - to classic clips and such of favorite TV shows, films, film trailers, music, etc. I've lived a very wacky and vagabond sort of life, with the scars to show for it - but wouldn't trade most of what I've experienced or done for anything in the world. Life is an adventure to be lived, not endured, and even with the scars you have to have hope. Hope for yourself, those you love, and the world at large to get bigger and better.

Hope is, after all, what keeps us humans going.



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  1. I bought John Death Note about a year ago, and we still haven't watched it. Bad ol' John.

    - Gavin :)