Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Blue-Tail Fly" cover art

Releasing Monday, 8 February is my first short story for FIDO Publishing, "Blue-Tail Fly" - a horror/suspense story I wrote some time ago, and only recently really tried to get accepted for publication.

It's the story of a young video store clerk in Chicago named Randy who, while going home on a bus late one evening, spots a strange, balding little gremlin of a man who sings and hums and giggles to himself in the most annoying and creepy way. The Thing (as our hero has come to think of him) begins to harass Randy that very night ... and soon shows off the fact that he knows a horrifying secret from Randy's past - one he's not prepared to necessarily let Randy off the hook for.

Click on the link for FIDO above, and order on Monday (or after) if you'd like to read more. Meanwhile, I thought the cover art was so groovy, I had to share.

Always keep reading!


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